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Pick the perfect Chef for your Special Occasion*

Who among the great Chefs of the world would you willingly pay a King’s ransom to prepare an unforgettable, private meal for you and your closest loved ones?

Gordon Ramsay for example, would you pay $1,000, $10,000.00, $100,000.00, a Million Dollars for Mr. Ramsay to create a dining experience in the comfort of your own digs. An experience you’d be talking about for the rest of your life?

How about Martha Stewart, Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray? For a billionaire (perhaps even a mere multi millionaire) that sum might pale compared to the joy of being an eyewitness to a favorite Celebrity Chef working their legendary culinary magic.

And of course there would be selfies. Think of the hoards of followers those images would attract to your favorite social networking site.

Instagram might have to roll out more servers just to handle the traffic.

Now for the rest of us, might we be blown away if the Chef from the home town restaurant we left behind years ago arrived at our door to recreate our “favorite” for our besties?

Sure you could get on a plane and take a trip to Mr. Ramsay’s Savoy Grill in London to enjoy his renowned Sunday Roast.

As great as that would be it's not quite like standing next to the Grand Master right in your own kitchen now is it?

Perhaps, depending on where you are now you could take a train, plane, bus or automobile from your current adopted city to, e.g. Boston, MA....

Of course we cannot choose for you the Chef of your culinary dreams. That’s why we ask you to take a moment and tell us below who among the great Chefs of the world you would love for us to work the hardest to make available for your special occasion.

We'll take your suggestions and get busy sending invitations to encourage them to make their services available to you.


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